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  1. In this study, 15 sampling sites were set up in Dongting Lake, a typical river-connected lake in China, to investigate water quality and diatioms in March, June, September and December from year 2017 to 2022. ...

    Authors: Guanghan Yan, Xueyan Yin, Xing Wang and Minsheng Huang
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:106
  2. Dual crises happen when an acute shock unfolds in the context of a creeping crisis. The July 2021 floods in the Vesdre river basin (Wallonia, Belgium) is a typical case of such dual crises in the context of cl...

    Authors: Mathilde de Goër de Herve and Wieke D. Pot
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:105
  3. The snowline exhibits significant seasonal shifts upward and downward, reflecting the ever-changing dynamics of the seasons and being influenced by climate variations, which can vary annually. These fluctuatio...

    Authors: Arvind Pandey, Deepanshu Parashar, Sarita Palni, Mriganka Shekhar Sarkar, Arun Pratap Mishra, Ajit Pratap Singh, Romulus Costache, Tuhami Jamil Abdulqadim, Chaitanya Baliram Pande, Abebe Debele Tolche and Mohd Yawar Ali Khan
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:104
  4. The reconstruction of the pollution history using aquatic sedimentary archives is of major relevance not only for the present and past, but also for future actions. The extent and influence of past anthropogen...

    Authors: Christina A. Schwanen, Georg Stauch, Philipp Schulte and Jan Schwarzbauer
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:103
  5. Persistent, mobile and toxic (PMT), or very persistent and very mobile (vPvM) substances are a wide class of chemicals that are recalcitrant to degradation, easily transported, and potentially harmful to human...

    Authors: Parviel Chirsir, Emma H. Palm, Sivani Baskaran, Emma L. Schymanski, Zhanyun Wang, Raoul Wolf, Sarah E. Hale and Hans Peter H. Arp
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:102
  6. There is indisputable evidence that the environment, humans and wildlife are continuously exposed not to single but to multiple chemicals from different sources. Exposure to these mixtures can lead to combined...

    Authors: Gabriele Treu, Jona Schulze, Wiebke Galert and Enken Hassold
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:101
  7. This study aimed to investigate the adsorption efficiency of Cd and Mn using natural sorbents—bentonite, zeolite and stabilized digested dewatered waste sludge. The main contributions of the scientific article...

    Authors: Veronika Prepilková, Juraj Poništ, Anna Ďuricová, Jozef Salva, Marián Schwarz, Dagmar Samešová and Martina Mordačová
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:100
  8. In 2020, the European Commission released its Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability towards a Toxic Free Environment (CSS) as part of the European Union’s zero pollution ambition, which is a key commitment of ...

    Authors: Tobias Mohr, Ivo Schliebner, Michael Neumann, Lise Oules, Hans Peter H. Arp and Sarah E. Hale
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:99
  9. Evidence about associations of phthalates metabolites with increased serum uric acid (SUA) levels in pregnant women remains unknown. To address this, we conducted a cross-sectional population-based study inclu...

    Authors: Qifu Hong, Tao Pu, Maojie Li, Zhongbao Chen, Xingyan Liu, Rong Zeng, Mingzhe Zhang, Lulu Dai, Songlin An, Xubo Shen, Xuejun Shang, Yuanzhong Zhou and Kunming Tian
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:98
  10. The environmental impact of electric scooters has been the subject of critical debate in the scientific community for the past 5 years. The data published so far are very inhomogeneous and partly methodologica...

    Authors: Corinna Baumgartner and Eckard Helmers
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:96
  11. We conducted a study in a cemetery area covering 2608.53 m2 in the municipality of Nova Hartz, Metropolitan Region of the State of Rio Grande do Sul. Soil samples were collected to determine the physicochemical p...

    Authors: Leandra Morandi, Willian Fernando de Borba, Clóvis Orlando da Ros, Vanderlei Rodrigues da Silva, Marcos Toebe, Lucindo Somavilla, Pedro Daniel da Cunha Kemerich and Dienifer Stahlhöfer
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:95
  12. Wood plays an important ecological role in rivers. Yet challenges arise when large wood (LW) is mobilised and transported during floods. Due to a lack of quantitative data, movement behaviour of LW during floo...

    Authors: Gabriel Spreitzer, Isabella Schalko, Robert M. Boes and Volker Weitbrecht
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:94
  13. This study was carried out in 2022 to examine the yield, yield components and changes in crop water stress index (CWSI) and vegetation index in black cumin with deficit irrigation. Five different irrigation wa...

    Authors: Hasan Ali Irik, Engin Kaymaz, Pembe Saban Polu, Erman Beyzi, İhsan Serkan Varol, Ali Unlukara and Halil Kirnak
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:93
  14. Bacterial drug resistance represents a significant global concern, with vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis posing a particularly grave threat to contemporary healthcare systems. This study aims to reveal ...

    Authors: Yi-Chang Zhao, Zhi-Hua Sun, Jia-Kai Li, Huai-yuan Liu, Hua-Lin Cai, Wei Cao, Feng Yu, Bi-Kui Zhang and Miao Yan
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:92
  15. The fish embryo acute toxicity (FET) test with the zebrafish (Danio rerio) was developed to assess the acute fish toxicity of chemicals or environmental samples as a replacement for the Acute Fish Test (AFT) with...

    Authors: Inska S. Reichstein, Alischa H. Becker, Sarah Johann, Thomas Braunbeck, Sabrina Schiwy, Henner Hollert and Andreas Schiwy
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:91
  16. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are ubiquitous environmental pollutants with significant adverse effects on human health, particularly concerning fetal development during pregnancy. This study investig...

    Authors: Chou-Yi Hsu, Cong Liu, Natalia S. Morozova, Shaik Althaf Hussain, Ashwani Kumar, Jaafaru Sani Mohammed, Atreyi Pramanik, Nizomiddin Juraev, Saad Hayif Jasim Ali and Moslem Lari Najafi
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:90
  17. The enactment of the Environmental Protection Tax Law was a major event in the process of China's economic and social development. This law has achieved certain results in the first two years since enactment, ...

    Authors: Chen Ming-jun and Zhou Jian-ya
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:89
  18. A recently published article, by Reiber et al., on the representativity of macroinvertebrate communities in outdoor micro- or mesocosm studies, used as a higher tier tool in the environmental risk assessment o...

    Authors: Udo Hommen, Marie Brown, Eric Bruns, Klaus Peter Ebke, Ivo Roessink, Tido Strauss and Nadine Taylor
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:88
  19. Groundwater resources are essential for drinking water, irrigation, and the economy mainly in semiarid environments where rainfall is limited. Currently, unpredictable rainfall due to climate change and pollut...

    Authors: Sachin P. Shinde, Virendra N. Barai, Bhau K. Gavit, Sunil A. Kadam, Atul A. Atre, Chaitanya Baliram Pande, Subodh Chandra Pal, Neyara Radwan, Abebe Debele Tolche and Ismail Elkhrachy
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:87
  20. Long-term exposure to inorganic arsenic (As) and cigarette smoking has been associated with adverse health effects such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory disease. Oxidative stress is one of th...

    Authors: Sepideh Nemati-Mansour, Mohammad Mosaferi, Javad Babaie, Asghar Mohammadpoorasl, Reza Dehghanzadeh, Leila Nikniaz and Mohammad Miri
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:86
  21. Nanotechnology, especially in the field of photocatalysis, has witnessed rapid advancements, with titanium dioxide being one of the most widely used photocatalysts. As the use of products containing photoactiv...

    Authors: Karolina Solymos, Izabella Babcsányi, Badam Ariya, Tamás Gyulavári, Áron Ágoston, Ákos Kukovecz, Zoltán Kónya and Zsolt Pap
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:85
  22. Land use and land cover (LULC) analysis is crucial for understanding societal development and assessing changes during the Anthropocene era. Conventional LULC mapping faces challenges in capturing changes unde...

    Authors: Chaitanya Baliram Pande, Aman Srivastava, Kanak N. Moharir, Neyara Radwan, Lariyah Mohd Sidek, Fahad Alshehri, Subodh Chandra Pal, Abebe Debele Tolche and Mohamed Zhran
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:84
  23. In line with WHO guidelines for the implementation of public health prevention plans targeted at the impacts of high temperatures, a heat wave definition temperature (Tthreshold) was calculated for 182 so-call...

    Authors: J. A. López-Bueno, P. Alonso, M. Á Navas-Martín, I. J. Mirón, F. Belda, J. Díaz and C. Linares
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:83
  24. Few studies have utilized whole blood samples to investigate the association between metal mixture exposure during early pregnancy and spontaneous preterm birth (SPB). We conduct this nested case–control study...

    Authors: Zhengqin Wu, Hua Cao, Xinrui Wang, Chong Miao, Haibo Li, Bin Sun, Haiyan Gao, Wenjuan Liu, Wei Li and Yibing Zhu
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:82
  25. This study developed an integrated wastewater treatment system that combines an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB), downflow hanging non-woven fabric (DHNW), and anaerobic baffled reactor (ABR) to explore ...

    Authors: Mahmoud Gad, Mohammed Yosri, Mariam E. Fawzy, Reda M. Moghazy, Esmat M. S. Elfeky, Mohamed A. Marouf and Mohamad A. El-Khateeb
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:81
  26. Obtaining accurate spatial maps of soil organic carbon (SOC) in farmlands is crucial for assessing soil quality and achieving precision agriculture. The cropping system is an important factor that affects the ...

    Authors: Jianxiong Ou, Zihao Wu, Qingwu Yan, Xiangyang Feng and Zilong Zhao
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:80
  27. Biochar can improve soil health and fix CO2 by altering soil microenvironment, thus impacting the global carbon cycle and the change of soil ecological environment. Recent studies show that cotton byproduct-deriv...

    Authors: Yingru Tao, Weiying Feng, Zhongqi He, Beibei Wang, Fang Yang, Aainaa Izyan Nafsun and Yazhai Zhang
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:79
  28. The mechanism for the generation of atmospheric pollution sources can be further investigated through the examination of atmospheric evolution and diffusion characteristics. The authors of this study conducted...

    Authors: Guohua Liu and Yu Wang
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:78
  29. Recent textile industry expansion has a major environmental impact if not addressed. Being a water intensive industry, textile manufacturing is usually associated with wastewater management challenges. Electro...

    Authors: Tahmeed Ahmed, Md. Habibur Rahman Bejoy Khan, Amimul Ahsan, Nafis Islam, Moetaz El-Sergany, Md. Shafiquzzaman, Monzur Imteaz and Nadhir Al-Ansari
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:77
  30. Bisphenol A (BPA) is currently one of the most widely used synthetic chemicals in the production of a wide range of plastics. Due to its diverse endocrine disrupting potential alternative bisphenols, also refe...

    Authors: Natalie Reininger and Jörg Oehlmann
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:76
  31. In July 2021, destructive floods in Western Europe were triggered by enormous precipitation rates related to a low-pressure system named "Bernd." These catastrophic events led not only to major damage to infra...

    Authors: Vanessa Steinritz, Piero Bellanova, Bernd Schmidt, Holger Schüttrumpf, Jan Schwarzbauer and Klaus Reicherter
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:75
  32. The oceans are a treasure trove of natural resources and an essential regulator of the global climate. Still, due to economic development and human activities in recent years, these ecosystems have suffered va...

    Authors: Lansong Huang, Xuezhi Wei and Quansheng Wang
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:74
  33. This study examines the relationship between inflation and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in three major economies: the United States of America (USA), the European Union (EU), and China. The analysis spans fr...

    Authors: Mutaz AlShafeey and Mohamad Ali Saleh Saleh
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:73
  34. This article conducts a qualitative governance analysis of the European Commission’s 2022 proposal for a certification framework for carbon removals (CRCF). It highlights potential challenges and legal implica...

    Authors: Philipp Günther, Beatrice Garske, Katharine Heyl and Felix Ekardt
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:72
  35. In response to the urgent environmental and social challenges posed by mining operations, this paper introduces the Mining Area Sustainability Index (MASI), a novel framework aimed at transforming the mining s...

    Authors: Haoxuan Yu, Izni Zahidi, Chow Ming Fai, Dongfang Liang and Dag Øivind Madsen
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:71
  36. This work conducted quantitative and qualitative analyses on the heavy metals in 32 surface sediment samples collected from eight sampling sites across four seasons in the Yutan reservoir, a typical mountainou...

    Authors: Liang Ao, Ruiting Chang, Yanqiu Tang and Sheng Zhang
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:69
  37. Wastewater treatment plant outlets are a major source of microplastics, with more than 90% retained in sewage sludge. No standardised method for the extraction, quantification, and characterisation of micropla...

    Authors: Nina Lekše, Andreja Žgajnar Gotvajn, Marija Zupančič and Tjaša Griessler Bulc
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:68
  38. Currently, the Water Quality Index (WQI) model becomes a widely used tool to evaluate surface water quality for agriculture, domestic and industrial. WQI is one of the simplest mathematical tools that can assi...

    Authors: L. M. Sidek, H. A. Mohiyaden, M. Marufuzzaman, N. S. M. Noh, Salim Heddam, Mohammad Ehteram, Ozgur Kisi and Saad Sh. Sammen
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:67
  39. Cadmium ion Cd2+ contamination is a major environmental issue caused by industry. Polyarylidene N-hexane pyrrole (PAPh) and crosslinked polyarylidene N-phenyl pyrrole (PAPD) were prepared from the previously synt...

    Authors: Marwa M. Sayed, Islam S. Abd El-Hamid, Haitham M. El-Bery, Mostafa Farrag and Kamal I. Aly
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:66
  40. The landscape provides not only a living space for all life forms, including humans, but also a spatial base and set of resources for the implementation of individual human activities. Inappropriate implementa...

    Authors: Zita Izakovičová, Laszlo Miklos, Jana Spulerova, Marta Dobrovodská, Ľuboš Halada, Andrej Raniak and Jan Dick
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:65
  41. Blackwater constitutes a primary component of environmental pollution posing serious risk to human health; however, reusing the nutrients found in blackwater diminishes the associated pollution and promotes re...

    Authors: Zhiquan Wang, Weijie Xie, Fan Shi, Chunzhen Fan, Suqing Wu, Shengbing He, Hainan Kong, Min Zhao and Xiangyong Zheng
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:64
  42. In response to the growing concern over PFAS contamination, employing models to simulate PFAS behavior in the environment becomes necessary. This facilitates evaluating risks tied to leaching into groundwater,...

    Authors: Eva Weidemann, René Lämmer, Bernd Göckener, Mark Bücking and Matthias Gassmann
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:63
  43. Semi-enclosed bays are important links in the material cycle and energy flow between terrestrial and marine ecosystems. They are also areas of intense human activities and heavily influenced by such activities...

    Authors: Zhe Wang, Jing Xu, Zhaodong Xu and Xiaoshou Liu
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:62
  44. Nowadays, environmental problems have gradually become the focus of world attention. In recent years, heat waves in many parts of Europe have increased ozone concentrations, fuelling ozone pollution. Therefore...

    Authors: Jinyang Wang, Tianzhen Ju, Bingnan Li, Cheng Huang, Xuhui Xia, Jiaming Zhang and Chunxue Li
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:61
  45. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are considered ‘contaminants of emerging concern’ due to their environmental persistence, bio-accumulative potential, and adverse effects on human health. They are wi...

    Authors: G. V. Koulini and Indumathi M. Nambi
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:60
  46. The gaps between estrogenic effect and its effect-active compounds exist frequently due to a large number of compounds that have been reported to induce this effect and the occurrence of pollutants in environm...

    Authors: Qiang Feng, Li Yang, Jie Chen, Fang Li, Fang Fang, Jinsong Guo, Zhongli Chen and Ying Shao
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:58
  47. This “Policy Brief” explores the potential integration of Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) into the United Kingdom’s air quality and public health monitoring frameworks, highlighting its potential to enhance existi...

    Authors: Haoxuan Yu, Izni Zahidi, Chow Ming Fai, Dongfang Liang and Dag Øivind Madsen
    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2024 36:56

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