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Fate and Effects of Micro(Nano)plastics in the Context of Research and Regulation
Edited by: Henner Hollert, Guilherme Malafaia, Omowunmi Fred-Ahmadu, Oluniyi O. Fadare, and Annika Jahnke

Risk Assessment of Microbial Pesticides II - Ecological Effects
Edited by: Abdulrahim T. Alkassab, Jens Pistorius, and Shannon Borges
A complementary Collection to Risk Assessment of Microbial Pesticides I - Human Health published in Environmental Health.


Modelling the Nexus of Water and Energy: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities
Edited by: Ali Najah Ahmed and Ahmed El -Shafie

Advanced computational methodologies for environmental modeling and sustainable water management
Edited by: Ozgur Kisi and Rana Muhammad Adnan


Natural Toxins - Environmental Fate and Safe Water Supply
Edited by: Hans Christian Bruun Hansen, Klára Hilscherová and Thomas Bucheli
Open for submissions

Progress in Environmental Sciences and Technology in the Yangtze River Basin, China
Edited by: Daqiang Yin, Zhenyang Yu and Henner Hollert
Collection published: 16 January 2020


Environmental justice and policy research
A BMC cross-journal collection
Collection published: 17 January 2019

Policy Briefs of the EU Project Solutions
Collection published: 8 February 2019


20 Years SETAC GLB
Edited by: Jochen Zubrod, Bettina Hitzfeld, Marion Junghans, Anja Kehrer, Rolf Düring, Peter Ebke, Dominic Kaiser, Anja Kehrer, Silvio Knaebe, Nadine Ruchter, Tobias Frische and Henner Hollert
Collection published: 13 February 2018


Edited by: Henner Hollert
Collection published: 1 January 2015

Lost in Translation? Ways for Environmental Sciences to Communicate About Risk and Research
Edited by: Thomas-Benjamin Seiler
Collection published: 1 January 2015

Implications for GMO-cultivation and monitoring
Edited by: Gunther Schmidt and Winfried Schröder
Collection published: 1 January 2015

Communications from the Division Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology of the German Chemical Society (GDCh)
Edited by: Klaus Fischer
Collection published: 1 January 2015

Progress in Ecotoxicology, Environmental Chemistry and Ecology
Edited by: Henner Hollert, Nadine Ruchter, Michael Eisinger, Bernd Sures and Sonja Zimmermann
Collection published: 1 January 2015


Edited by: Christoph Schulte
Collection published: 14 February 2014


Critical Additives as Contaminants in Secondary Raw Materials from Waste
Edited by: Henning Friege
Collection published: 17 June 2013

Risk Management of Emerging Compounds and Pathogens in the Water Cycle (RiSKWa)
Edited by: Susanne Huckele
Collection published: 14 January 2013