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Table 4 Substances detected in filter mats in at least one third of the sampling sites

From: Pesticides and pesticide-related products in ambient air in Germany

Substance Active compound type Detection frequency (N = 20) Approved for use
in Germany
Glyphosate Herbicide 20/20 Yes
Aminomethylphosphonic acid Metabolite 17/20 Not regulated
Boscalid Fungicide 13/20 Yes
Anthraquinonea Repellent 9/20 No
Fenpropidin Fungicide 9/20 Yes
Azoxystrobin Fungicide 8/20 Yes
Tebuconazole Fungicide 8/20 Yes
Ametoctradin Fungicide 7/20 Yes
Dichlorane Fungicide 7/20 No
Epoxiconazole Fungicide 7/20 Yes
Folpet Fungicide 7/20 Yes
Mandipropamid Fungicide 7/20 Yes
  1. aSubstance attributable to agricultural as well as non-agricultural sources