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Table 2 Overview of instrumentation used by the laboratories participating in the interlaboratory study dedicated to evaluating the degree of comparability and transferability of acquired reference spectra

From: A European proposal for quality control and quality assurance of tandem mass spectral libraries

LaboratoryInstrument typeBrandFragmentation technique
1Q-Orbitrap-LITOrbitrap Fusion Tribrid, ThermoHCD
2Q-OrbitrapQ Exactive, ThermoHCD
3Q-OrbitrapQ Exactive Plus, ThermoHCD
4LIT-OrbitrapLTQ Orbitrap XL, ThermoHCD
5LIT-OrbitrapLTQ Orbitrap XL, ThermoHCD and CID
6QqTOF6530 QTOF, AgilentCID
7QqTOFTripleTOF 5600+, SciexCID