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Table 4 Assessment of potential impacts of geneflow based on various seed sources using the MaMo

From: A modeling assessment of geneflow in smallholder agriculture in West Africa

  Maize hybrids
Modelling Scenarios Average GM content in conventional seed harvest GM fields created as a percentage of total number of fields (including conventional fields) GM field area estimated as a percentage of total field area (including conventional fields)
Scenario I: GM planted was obtained under exchange conditions, meaning that the seeds were obtained from other fielders as gifts or exchanged. 0.87 3.02 2.27
Scenario II: GM planted were obtained the seed market. This directly implies the use of commercial varieties. 2.61 7.70 6.02
Scenario III: GM planted was obtained from seeds saved from previous harvests. 1.00 4.24 2.40
Scenario IV: Single GM field introduced at the center of the study area. This suggests the scenario of a single GM field among 1,388 fields 0.12 0.07 0.21
Scenario V: GM planted obtained from food market. This scenario implies that variety planted was collected from quantities bought for food. 1.12 2.52 3.78
  1. The single GM field scenario in conventional fields was introduced as a hypothetical issue