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Table 1 Methods used in the analysis

From: Handling climate change education at universities: an overview

Method Purpose Details
Bibliometric analysis Identifying trends in the study of CCE and its main focus in the literature Database: Web of Science
Software: VOSviewer
Search string: ((“climat* change”) and (“education” or “training” or “curricula” or “curriculum”) AND (“universit*” OR “higher education institut*”))
Number of articles analyzed: 414
Survey Providing a worldwide overview of the training needs on CCE at universities Survey tool: SurveyMonkey
Number of questions: 22
Number of respondents: 129
Number of countries: 45
Case studies Illustrating current trends on how universities handle climate change in their activities Number of cases: 12
Criteria: university ranking and geographic location
Climate-related actions: i) accredited teaching programs of all levels of studies and research activities; ii) Various training events focused on staff and/or students; iii) public initiatives; and iv) other climate change-related activities