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Table 1 The fitting parameters (gam, sig2 and R2) of various LS-SVR models and three characterization parameters (EC50, Emin, and ECmin) from the CRCs of POL in four WMF groups at five times

From: The weak magnetic field (WMF) enhances the stimulation of polymyxin B sulfate (POL) on Vibrio qinghaiensis sp.-Q67

WMF groupTime (h)gamsig2R2EC50 (mol/L)Emin (%)aECmin (mol/L)
NW0.25910.50.99815.629E−06− 7.37.508E−08
3910.30.99883.000E−06− 7.88.569E−08
6710.30.99762.954E−06− 11.21.564E−07
9910.40.99213.165E−06− 14.64.409E−07
12910.30.99673.314E−06− 13.06.272E−07
AW0.25910.40.99734.791E−06− 4.41.330E−07
3310.30.99322.887E−06− 3.64.509E−07
6210.40.98223.239E−06− 8.74.705E−07
9410.30.99453.551E−06− 14.07.109E−07
12910.20.99943.470E−06− 15.66.550E−07
BW0.25910.50.99215.984E−06− 6.01.152E−07
3910.20.99763.551E−06− 7.86.850E−07
6810.20.99923.344E−06− 20.73.609E−07
9310.20.98694.038E−06− 19.66.055E−07
12210.20.98933.805E−06− 18.07.286E−07
EW0.25910.60.99865.501E−06− 5.03.484E−07
3900.30.99782.821E−06− 9.43.838E−07
6910.30.99753.239E−06− 26.83.338E−07
9910.40.99793.471E−06− 17.85.686E−07
124110.97843.023E−06− 23.64.991E−07
  1. aEmin refers to the minimum inhibitory effect or the maximum stimulative effect