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Table 3 Comparison of seasonal and long-term variations in metal burdens (given as ng g−1 wet weight and dry weight) of blue mussels (Mytilus edulis Complex) from the Baltic Sea sampling site Darsser Ort

From: Seasonal variability in metal and metalloid burdens of mussels: using data from the German Environmental Specimen Bank to evaluate implications for long-term mussel monitoring programs

Darsser OrtSeason of annual minimum conc.Season of annual maximum conc.Annual range (ng g−1) ww/dwRange over 17 years (ng g−1) ww/dw
CopperSummer (2013 winter)Winter (2013 summer)471/1643364/3883
LeadSummer (2013 winter)Winter (2013 summer)44.0/1064165/2807
MercuryWinter (2017 summer)Summer (2017 winter)1.00/46.02.32/69.3
MethylmercuryWinter (2017 summer)Summer (2017 winter)0.37/13.20.93/27.5
ArsenicSummer (2013 winter)Winter (2013 summer)1108/10,210718/8938
SeleniumSummer (2013 winter)Winter (2013 summer)374/1621238/2449
TributyltinSummer (2013 winter)Winter (2013 summer)0.66/7.801.47/28.6