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Table 6 PARC groups and interpreted true mineralogical phases containing high V or Mn concentrations (thresholds given in table)

From: A method for analysis of nuisance dust from integrated steel works: chemical and mineralogical characteristics of contributing sources

Source/material ID Short name Area % PARC groups satisfying criteria True phases (interpreted)
V > 0.5 wt% (reported as V2O5) in one or more PARC groups (after erosion filter)
 1 Converter 51.09 {Ca}, {S, Ca}, {Al, Si, Ca}, {S}, {Mg, Si, Ca}, {Al, Ca}, {Al, Ca, Fe}, {Si, Ca}, {Mg, Si, Ca, Fe} C2S, C2(A,F), lime/portlandite/calcite, weathering products of C2S and C2(A,F)
 2 Slopping 2.97 {Ca}, {Al, Si, Ca}, {S}, {Si, Ca} C2S, lime/portlandite/calcite, Ca–Al-silicate, weathering products of C2S
 3 Sinter 24.73 {S, Ca}, {Mg, Fe}, {Si, Ca} C2S, possibly spinel solution (Mg,Fe)(Fe,V)2O4
 10 Ca-aluminate slag 5.08 {Mg, Al, Si, Ca}, {S}, {Si, Ca} C2S
 11 Dolomite 1.58 {Mg, Ca} Dolomite residue—potentially reacted: monoxide CaO- and MgO-rich solutions with V(?) or with C2(A,F) and C2S finely intergrown in small quantities
 25 Carbon-rich other 0.80 {Ca} Lime/portlandite/calcite, C2(A,F)
 26 Unassigned, low carbon 1.33 {Ca}, {Si, Ca} Lime/portlandite/calcite, C2S
Mn > 10 wt% (reported as MnO) in one or more PARC groups (after erosion filter)
 1 Converter 51.09 {Mg}, {Mg, Fe}, {Si, Ca, Fe}, {Mg, Ca, Fe}, {Mg, Si, Ca, Fe} Mg-wustite (Mg,Mn,Fe)O; oxidation products of Mg-wustite incl. spinel solution (magnetite) (Mg,Mn,Fe)(Fe,Mn)2O4; lime (Ca,Mn,Fe)O, portlandite and calcite
 2 Slopping 2.97 {Mg, Fe} Mg-wustite {Mg,Mn,Fe)O
 3 Sinter 24.73 {Mg, Fe}, {Mn}, {Mg, Ca, Fe}, {Mn, Fe} Mg-wustite (Mg,Mn,Fe)O, scarce Mn-dominated Mn–Fe-oxide, magnetite (spinel) solution (Mg,Mn,Fe)(Fe,Al)2O4
 5 Ore/sinter/pellet 3.10 {Ca} Lime {Ca,Mn,Fe)O/portlandite
 10 Ca-aluminate slag 5.08 {Mg, Al} Spinel (Mg,Mn)Al2O4
 11 Dolomite 1.58 {Mg, Fe} Mg-wustite (Mg,Mn,Fe)O
 22 Qz–clay–fsp–mica 0.64 {Si, Ca} Possible pyroxene or other natural rock-forming mineral
 26 Unassigned, low carbon 1.33 {Si}, {Mn}, {Si, Mn}, {Al, Si, Mn} Mn-dominated Mn–Fe-oxide, Mn-rich silicate phases
  1. Full tabulated EDS analyses given in Additional file 1: F