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Table 2 Wastewater characteristic and treatment process and abatement cost of the ten industries as research objects

From: Rule design and status quo evaluation on cross-industrial wastewater emissions trading in China’s typical industrial sectors

IndustryAverage abatement cost y/tContaminant characteristicsTreatmentOthers
SSOrganic matterToxicity
FP2.06High, food residueHigh, easily degradableLowBiological
T2.28Cotton, wool and fiberHigh, 10–80% degradableSurfactant and dyePhysicochemical, biological, advanced oxidationHigh temperature and chroma
PP1.93Mud and fiberHigh, 10–50% degradableResin acid, unsaturated fatty acidPhysicochemical, biological, advanced oxidation
PCN5.6Silt and clayHigh, hardly biodegradable, high petroleumHeavy metalsPhysicochemical, biological, chemical flocculation, advanced oxidationHigh temperature and strong acidity or basicity
CP3.64High, hardly biodegradableHigh, heavy metals, cyanide, phenolPhysicochemical, biological, electrochemicalHigh temperature
PI4.07High, microbial thallus, gruffHigh, hardly biodegradableAntibioticsPhysicochemical, biological, flocculation
MP6.85High, inorganicLowHeavy metalPhysicochemical, flocculation, sedimentation
GPM6.2High, hardly biodegradableHeavy metal, cyanidephysical, chemical, advanced oxidation
TE4.27High, hardly biodegradable, engine oilHeavy metalFlocculation and sedimentation, advanced oxidation
EE4.37High, hardly biodegradableHeavy metal, cyanideFlocculation and sedimentation, advanced oxidation