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Table 4 Candidate predictor variables with units and abbreviation used in the statistical models

From: Managing climate change in drinking water reservoirs: potentials and limitations of dynamic withdrawal strategies

AT°CAnnual average air temperature
AT_sum°CAverage air temperature in summer (May to October)
AT_win°CAverage air temperature in winter (November to April)
NAOAnnual average North Atlantic Oscillation index
windm/sAnnual average wind speed
wind_summ/sAnnual average wind speed in summer (May to October)
RTaAnnual average retention time
V\(10^6\) m\(^3\)Annual average reservoir volume
Qrw\(10^6\) m\(^3\)Annual total raw water withdrawal
Qin\(10^6\) m\(^3\)Annual total inflow volume
Qint50doyDay of the year when the cumulative inflow exceeds 50% of Qin
Qout\(10^6\) m\(^3\)Annual total downstream water withdrawal
  1. The North Atlantic Oscillation index (NAO) data were taken from the national weather services climate prediction center [42], the other quantities were calculated from the model input data