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Table 3 Knowledge about fragrances

From: “This perfume makes me sick, but I like it.” Representative survey on health effects associated with fragrances

QuestionsGeneral populationPeople who use fragrances to feel more attractivePeople who consider natural ingredients healthierPeople who prefer fragrance-free productsPeople who read referencesAsthmaticsFragrance-sensitive peopleAutists
Are you aware that a fragrance in a product is typically a chemical mixture of several dozen to several hundred chemicals?40.237.542.447.453.247.648.467.3
Are you aware that fragrance chemicals do not need to be fully disclosed on the product label or material safety data sheet?27.526.028.932.342.330.237.040.8
Are you aware that fragranced products typically emit hazardous air pollutants such as formaldehyde?23.921.925.630.338.532.937.061.2
Are you aware that even so-called natural, green, and organic fragranced products typically emit hazardous air pollutants?
Do you think of products with natural fragrance ingredients to be healthier than products with synthetic fragrance ingredients?55.658.610069.267.358.759.859.2
  1. Percentage of “Yes” answers given by the general population and by the various subgroups (sizes of groups see Table 1)