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Table 4 Summary of the model configuration processes used in the study

From: Costs and benefits of agricultural ammonia emission abatement options for compliance with European air quality regulations

MicrophysicsMorrison 2-moment schemeMorrison et al. [50]
Land surfaceNOAH land surface modelChen and Dudhia [12]
Boundary layerYonsei University (YSU) planetary boundary layerHong et al. [38]
CumulusGrell 3D ensemble schemeGrell and Devenyi [32]
Surface layerMM5 similarity surface layer schemeZhang and Anthes [65]
RadiationRapid radiative transfer model (RRTTM)Iacono et al. [40]
Gas-phase chemistrySecond-generation regional acid deposition model (RADM2)Stockwell et al. [59]
AerosolsModal Aerosol Dynamics Model for Europe (MADE), Secondary Organic Aerosol Model (SORGAM)Ackermann et al. [2], Schell et al. [57]