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Table 2 EC50 values for four biotests with the nitrification inhibitors Piadin and Vizura

From: Evaluating the ecotoxicity of nitrification inhibitors using terrestrial and aquatic test organisms

EC50 (mL L−1)
EC50 (mL L−1)
LemnaLemna gibbaFrond number0.42.7
Frond area0.42.9
Seed germinationAgrostemma githagoGermination30.820.9
Root length2.51.3
Fagopyrum esculentumGermination34.445.3
Root length5.72.3
Glycine maxGermination54.2
Root length3.7
Hordeum vulgareGermination45.312.4
Root length3.91.4
Lunaria annuaGermination5.93.5
Root length1.71.8
Zea maysGermination53.2
Root length12.39.4
Seedling growthAgrostemma githagoPlant height5.74.2
Dry weight3.12.2
Fagopyrum esculentumPlant height6.28.7
Dry weight3.83.5
Zea maysPlant height12.621.5
Dry weight18.122.7
Bacteria testAliivibrio fischeriLuminescence1113
  1. “–” EC50 values could not be derived due to invalid results (G. max) or absence of inhibition (Z. mays)