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Table 3 EC10 and EC50 values [mg/kg] of the silver nanomaterial NM-300K for the inhibition of the enzymes glucosidase and arylsulfatase

From: Evaluation of microbial shifts caused by a silver nanomaterial: comparison of four test systems

EC10 [mg/kg]aEC50 [mg/kg]aEC10 [mg/kg]aEC50 [mg/kg]a
7ndb2.02 [0.15–26.92]nd7.01 [2.30–21.36]
14ndnd0.19 [0.01–0.58]14.46 [6.82–81.19]
281.07 [0.11–9.90]22.29 [8.18–60.70]0.31 [0.00–1.02]8.86 [3.97–67.01]
  1. aValues in brackets indicate 95% confidence limit
  2. bnd, not determinable due to data quality or not plausible (e.g., considerably outside the range of test concentrations)