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Table 2 (Left) Percentages of the five fractions obtained in the Tessier sequential extraction results; EX (exchangeable), CB (carbonate bound), OX (Fe/Mn oxides bound), OM (organic matter bound), and immobile fraction (residue), (Right) percentages of inorganic vs. organic mercury in the samples studied

From: Assessment of mercury pollution sources in beach sand and coastal soil by speciation analysis

Sample % Hg (sequential extraction) % Chemical speciation
EX CB OX OM Residue Hg inorganic Hg organic
A1 n.d n.d n.d n.d 100 100 n.d
A2 n.d n.d n.d n.d 100 100 n.d
S1 1.6 0.3 9.1 9.3 79.7 99.1 0.9