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Table 1 JIP test parameters with explanations and formulae calculated using data extracted from the O-J-I-P fast fluorescence transient following the equations of Strasser and Strasser [24]

From: Multiple physiological response analyses aid the understanding of sensitivity variation between Microcystis aeruginosa and Chlorella sp. under paraquat exposures

Parameter and formulae Description
VJ = (F2ms − Fo)/(Fm − Fo) Relative variable fluorescence intensity at the J-step, reflecting the open state of reaction centers
φEo = ETo/ABS = [1 − (Fo/Fm)] •ψ0 Quantum yield for electron transport (at t = 0)
ψ0 = ETO/TRO = (1 − VJ) Probability that a trapped excitation transfers an electron into the electron transport chain beyond QA (at t = 0)
RC/CSo = φPo•(VJ/Mo)•(ABS/CSo) Number of RCs per CS, reflecting density of RCs
ABS/RC = Mo·(1/VJ)·(1/φPo) Absorption flux per reaction center (RC)
ETo/RC = Mo·(1/VJ)·Ψo Electron transport flux per RC (at t = 0)
DIo/RC = ABS/RC − TRo/RC Dissipated energy flux per RC (at t = 0)
TRo/RC = Mo·(1/VJ) Trapped energy flux per RC (at t = 0)
PIabs = (RC/ABS)·[φPo/(1 − φPo)]·[Ψo/(1 − Ψo)] Performance index based on absorption of light energy
Φp0 = TRo/ABS = 1 − (Fo/Fm) The maximum photochemical efficiency (at t = 0)