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Table 4 Comparison of P deposition by precipitation (2013–2017, t a−1) with riverine inflow (1996–2000, t a−1, [43]) and standing stocks of total phosphorus (TP, in t) within the water column of the lagoon system

From: Magnitude and influence of atmospheric phosphorus deposition on the southern Baltic Sea coast over 23 years: implications for coastal waters

Lagoon part Flux PO4-P deposition Flux TP deposition Flux riverine TP inflow Stock TP lagoon
Total 2.3–6.9 5.3–14.9 13–24 35
Saaler Bodden 1–2.8 2.2–6.1 9.7–17.8 21.1
Bodstedter Bodden 0.3–0.8 0.7–1.8 na 5.1
Barther Bodden 0.2–0.7 0.5–1.5 2.7–9.5 2.6
Grabow 0.5–1.5 1.1–3.1 na 6.1
  1. Precipitation and riverine values represent an annual flux into the system
  2. The TP stock in the lagoon is an estimate out of long-term median within the water column and the size of the water body. Long-term median values of PO4-P and TP standing stocks were derived from datasets of the State Agency for Nature, Conservation and Geology Mecklenburg–Vorpommern (LUNG, TP 2010–2017) and [44] (PO4-P, 2000–2014)