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Table 2 Annual phosphate deposition from 1998 to 2017 (kg P km−2 a−1) estimated (a) as the sum of direct measurements, (b) sum of measured values plus 0.53 µmol P l−1 as median for all rain samples, where values are missing and (c) all rain samples with median concentration of 0.53 µmol P l−1

From: Magnitude and influence of atmospheric phosphorus deposition on the southern Baltic Sea coast over 23 years: implications for coastal waters

Mode of calculation Wet years Average years Dry years
(a) Sum of all measured values 13–38 10–24 8–34
(b) Sum of measured plus median values 14–39 12–25 13–34
(c) All rain samples with median concentrations 11–16 9–10 9
  1. Years of 1995–1997, where precipitation sums were not measured with rain sampling, were omitted for (a). Average precipitation years were within a ± 10% range of median annual sum