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Table 1 Active substances, formulation type, labelling as hazardous to the environment according to product safety data sheets, and relative contribution of all additives with available data to the combined product toxicity predicted by CA for the most sensitive end point (in brackets) for each of the wood preservative products

From: Environmental risk assessment of biocidal products: identification of relevant components and reliability of a component-based mixture assessment

Product Formulation Active substances Product labelled as hazardous to the environment (# HAZ) Relative contribution (%STU) of additives to the predicted combined product toxicity (most sensitive end point)
1 S Dichlofluanid (F) No (0) 11.5 (fish)
2 S IPBC (F) No (0) 58.5 (algae)
3 W IPBC (F), tebuconazole (F) Yes (1) 37.1 (algae)
4 S Tebuconazole (F) Yes (3) 99.8 (algae)
5 W Boric acid and tetraborate (F, I) No (0) 34.8 (algae)
6 W Boric acid and tetraborate (F, I) No (0) 91.6 (algae)
7 S IPBC (F), propiconazole (F) Yes (0) 81.9 (daphnid)
8 W IPBC (F), propiconazole (F) Yes (0) 0.3 (algae)
9 S IPBC (F), propiconazole (F) Yes (1) 62.1 (algae)
10 W IPBC (F), propiconazole (F) Yes (0) 0.6 (algae)
11 W IPBC (F), propiconazole (F) Yes (1) 3.8 (algae)
12 W IPBC (F), propiconazole (F) No (0) 0.3 (algae)
13 S IPBC (F), propiconazole (F) No (0) 81.9 (daphnid)
14 W IPBC (F), tebuconazole (F) Yes (0) 1.6 (algae)
15 S IPBC (F), tebuconazole (F) No (1) 83.5 (daphnid)
16 W IPBC (F), tebuconazole (F), propiconazole (F) Yes (3) 31.1 (algae)
17 W IPBC (F), tebuconazole (F), propiconazole (F) Yes (0) 1.3 (algae)
18 W IPBC (F), tebuconazole (F), propiconazole (F) Yes (0) 5.7 (algae)
19 S IPBC (F), tebuconazole (F), propiconazole (F) Yes (0) 90.5 (daphnid)
20 W IPBC (F), tebuconazole (F), propiconazole (F) Yes (0) 1.0 (algae)
21 W Boric acid (F,I), fenoxycarb (I), propiconazole (F), fenpropimorph (F) Yes (0) 97.4 (algae)
22 W Cypermethrin (I) Yes (0) 0.01 (fish)
23 W Permethrin (I) Yes (0) < 0.01 (daphnid)
  1. For products 1–21, mixture toxicity predictions are based on all compounds including confidential additives for which data were available, while for products 22 and 23 predictions relate only to the a.s. and the additives identified in the product safety data sheets. Products indicated in italics were selected for the experimental testing
  2. S solvent based, W water based, F fungicide, I insecticide, # HAZ number of additives labelled as hazardous (or dangerous) to the environment on the product SDS