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Table 3 Results of Art. 33(2) information requests on SVHCs in a targeted choice of articles

From: Where are the SVHCs?

513 Information requests were made
334 Information requests were sent out by the online form
110 Answers were received to the information request
102 Answers consisted of easily understandable formulations and were not too complicated and technical1
100 Answers arrived in time
97 Answers were of the same language as the request
68 Answers indicated that the respondent had understood the Art. 33 information duty2
48 Answers arrived within 2 days
45 Answers were of medium length (1–2 pages)
38 Answers mentioned packaging
25 Respondents mentioned their efforts concerning the environmental and sustainability management of their company
22 Answers mentioned the date of the candidate list
16 Respondents mentioned their efforts to substitute SVHCs by less dangerous substances
11 Answers mentioned subassemblies
11 Answers referred to eco-labels
4 Respondents gave support for a safe handling
2 Answers indicated an SVHC content above 0.1%
  1. 1Criterion was the understandability by average students who are not familiar with REACH
  2. 2Criterion was that the answer contained correct statements about the elements of REACH