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Table 5 Observed developmental stages and endpoints during fish embryo test with Danio rerio; indicators of lethality are marked with an asterisk (*)

From: Water quality assessment in the “German River of the years 2014/2015”: how a case study on the impact of a storm water sedimentation basin displayed impairment of fish health in the Argen River (Southern Germany)

Endpoints Hours post-fertilization (hpf)
8 h 12 h 24 h 48 h 60 h 72 h 84 h 96 h
Mortality/coagulation* X X X X X X X X
Hatching      X X X X
Developmental retardations  
Epiboly X        
Gastrulation   X       
Formation of somites*    X      
Tail detachment*    X      
Spontaneous movements    X      
Eye development    X      
Heart beat rate (beats/min)*     X     
Otolith formation      X    
Occurrence of melanocytes      X    
Developmental failures  
Edema (heart and yolk)      X    
Malformation of eyes      X X X X
Spinal deformation (scoliosis)      X X X X
Pigmentation failures      X X X X