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Fig. 1

From: Levels of DNA methylation and transcript accumulation in leaves of transgenic maize varieties

Fig. 1

Schematic overview of the experimental design, sampling strategy and analytical approach used in the study. Leaf samples of single and stacked GM events (MON-89Ø34-3 and MON-89Ø34-3 × MON-ØØ6Ø3-6, respectively) were used for DNA methylation and transgene transcript accumulation analysis. Three biological replicates were analysed for each of the GM varieties. Four regions of the transgene cassette (FMV promoter, cry1A.105 transgene, 35S promoter and cry2Ab2 transgene) were chosen for DNA methylation analysis. The accumulation of cry1A.105 and cry2Ab2 transgenes was quantified by RT-qPCR

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