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Table 6 Measured concentrations of the test substances in highest application solution (florfenicol) and in spiked manure (tylosin tartrate), respectively, after anaerobic incubation for different periods of time

From: Results of extended plant tests using more realistic exposure scenarios for improving environmental risk assessment of veterinary pharmaceuticals

Substance Day of incubation Florfenicola recovery in highest application solution (%) Tylosin tartrateb
recovery in spiked manure at representative test concentrations (%)
Standard test n.d. n.d.
Fresh spiked pig manure 0 85–95 6.0–38.2
Fresh spiked cattle manure 0 94–110 6.5–34.9
Half-max incubated pig manure 27 94–100 8.1–35.2
Half-max incubated cattle manure 45 103–104 16.7–27.1
Max incubated pig manure 53 94–100 11.4–31.9
Max incubated cattle manure 90 103–104 14.9–30.4
  1. aFlorfenicol was applied via an acetonic application solution
  2. bTylosin tartrate was applied via dry mixing into dung and analysed in pig manure at 0.228/1.365/4.0/7.1/17.8/45.5 mg/kg soil dry mass, in cattle manure at 0.228/1.365/4.0/7.1/17.8/45.5 mg/kg soil dry mass (fresh and maximum incubated manure) and at 0.228/1.365 (half-maximum incubated manure)