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Table 2 Details of all potential fracking sites in the UK as of January 2015

From: The risk of hydraulic fracturing on public health in the UK and the UK’s fracking legislation

Operator Status Location and site name Civil parish or equivalent Population density (people per hectare) People in ½ mile radius People between ½ and 10-mile radius
Rathlin energy Drilled North Yorkshire—Crawberry Hill Border between Bishop Burton and Walkington 1 203.4 81,163.9
Rathlin energy Drilled North Yorkshire—High Fosham Cottage Burton Constable 0.1 20.3 8116.4
Third energy Drilled North Yorkshire—Kirby Misperton 1 (East) Kirby Misperton 0.5 101.7 40,582.0
Cuadrilla resources Drilled North West—Becconsall North Meols 1.3 264.4 105,513.1
Magellan petroleum Drilled South East—Horse Hill Salfords and Sidlow 1.7 345.8 137,978.6
Cuadrilla resources Drilled South East—Lower Stumble Balcombe 0.9 183.1 73,047.5
Cuadrilla resources Approved North West—Hale Hall Farm Treales, Roseacre and Wharles 0.3 61.0 24,349.2
Coastal oil and gas Approved Wales—Unit 1 Llandow Industrial Estate Llandow 0.6 122.0 48,698.3
Cuadrilla resources Approved South East—Sugham Farm Lingfield 5.1 1037.3 413,935.9
Celtique energie Approved South East—Wood Barn Farm West Chiltington 1.9 386.5 154,211.4
Infrastrata PLC Approved Northern Ireland—Woodburn Forest Antrim 0.2 40.7 16,232.8
Rathlin energy Under consideration Northern Ireland—49 Ballinlea Road Antrim 0.2 40.7 16,232.8
Cuadrilla resources Under consideration North West—Roseacre Wood Treales, Roseacre and Wharles 0.3 61.0 24,349.2
Cuadrilla resources Under consideration North West—Preston New Road Westby-with-Plumptons 0.6 122.0 48,698.3
  1. The data from the 2011 Census in England, Wales and Northern Ireland used alongside planning applications and information from fracking operation companies that will be used to calculate the impact of fracking on public health