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Table 1 In vitro assays and their modes of action

From: The European technical report on aquatic effect-based monitoring tools under the water framework directive

Name/ s of assay Mode of action/ endpoint
AR CALUX (anti-) Androgen receptor (activation or blocking)
DR CALUX AH receptor binding
ER CALUX (anti-) Alpha and beta/estrogen receptors
GR CALUX (anti-) Glucocorticoid receptor
PAH CALUX AH receptor binding
PR CALUX Progesterone receptor
Acetylcholinesterase inhibition assay Inhibition of acetylcholinesterase activity
Carboxylesterase inhibition assay Inhibition of carboxylesterase activity
Ames Mutagenicity
umuC Primary DNA damage
TTR-binding Competition with thyroid hormone for binding to TTR (transport protein)
TRb CALUX Thyroid receptor beta
EROD EROD induction
YES ER receptor
YAS AR receptor
P-53 accumulation Genotoxicity
Green screen Genotoxicity
RYA ER receptor
ABC assay Antibiotic activity