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Table 3 Information on relevance of reference varieties used by Monsanto[12] for the US corn production

From: Rat feeding studies with genetically modified maize - a comparative evaluation of applied methods and risk assessment standards

Reference variety Summary of internet searcha
Campbells 6995 No relevant information available
Cropplan Genetics 461 No relevant information available
Crows 363 No relevant information available
DK537 Indication of use ten and more years ago
Parental line of Yield Gard rootworm corn Dekalb DKC53-29
DK539 Indication of use ten and more years ago
Described as ‘widely adapted’ by Dekalb in 1999
Pioneer 3394 Highly successful corn variety until 1995, dominating the US corn belt
After causing high economic losses in 95/96 due to very low resistance to Gray leaf spot fungi, the planting of this variety ceased
  1. aInternet search was performed on 12 December 2012 with Google and key words < ‘name’ AND corn > as well as < ‘name’ AND corn AND acreage >.