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Table 1 Concentrations of PAHs measured in beach sand samples collected from Marseille and La Marana

From: Marine pollution: Let us not forget beach sand

Compound M (μg/kg dwt) LM (μg/kg dwt)
ACY 61.7 <LOD
ACE 1.52 0.77
PHE 101 <LOD
ANT 4.48 <LOD
FLT 61.6 <LOD
PYR 29.0 <LOD
BAA 27.5 <LOD
CHR 27.4 <LOD
BBF 16.3 <LOD
BKF 36.0 <LOD
BEP 37.4 <LOD
BAP 52.2 0.31
IPY 29.4 0.48
DBA 7.76 <LOD
BPE 45.6 <LOD
∑PAHs 539 1.56
  1. LOD, limits of detection; M, Marseille; LM, La Marana; SW, seawater; NAP, naphthalene; ACY, acenaphthylene; ACE, acenaphthene; FLN, fluorene; PHE, phenanthrene; ANT, anthracene; FLT, fluoranthene; PYR, pyrene; BAA, benz(a)anthracene; CHR, chrysene; BBF, benzo(b)fluoranthene; BKF, benzo(k)fluoranthene; BEP, benzo(e)pyrene; BAP, benzo(a)pyrene; IPY, indeno(1,2,3-cd)pyrene; DBA, dibenz(a,h)anthracene; BPE, benzo(ghi)perylene.