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Climate change in urban areas. Part 2, Measures

Environmental Sciences EuropeBridging Science and Regulation at the Regional and European Level201123:21

Received: 3 May 2011

Accepted: 10 June 2011

Published: 10 June 2011


Part 2 presents measures at the city scale, which are distinguished into object- and area-related means. The former ones include emission reduction, energy gaining and saving, as well as the climate-improving impact of rooftop and façade greening. Area-related means refer to the reduction of radiation temperature through shading and transpiration as well as impact of urban green areas of different size on the urban climate. Furthermore the opportunities to use subsurface urban heat island as an energy-reservoir for cooling or heating are discussed.


Urban measuresurban climateglobal climate changemitigationadaptationurban greeningoasis effectsubsurface heat islandgeothermal potential of urban heat island