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Table 2 Meta-analysis of statistical differences with appropriate controls in feeding trials

From: Genetically modified crops safety assessments: present limits and possible improvements

All parameters measured in vivo in GMO toxicity studies Measured by organ (%)/Total (694-698) Disturbed in each organ (%)/Total disrupted parameters (approximately 9%)
  Females Males Females Males
Liver 22.9 22.9 30.8 26.1
Kidney 23.7 23.7 26.4 43.5
Bone marrow 29.5 29.5 29.7 22.8
Total for 3 tissues 76.1 76.1 86.9 92.4
  1. Commercialized soybean and maize GMOs were fed to rats and their blood analyses were obtained. The different parameters are classified according to the tissue [2] to which they are related (e.g., liver, kidney, bone marrow). Of the total parameters measured 76.1% are related to these three organs. The percentages of significantly different parameters to the controls are called "disrupted parameters." There are in total 9% of disrupted parameters and, for instance, 43.5% of these are concentrated in kidneys in males. The bold values are significantly over the parameters measured per organ.