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The booklet "Genetically modified crops" published from the German Research Foundation, does not meet the given claim

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In December 2009 the German Research Foundation published the booklet "Grüne Gentechnik" (Genetically modified crops) claiming to give a scientifically well balanced information about GMO's in agriculture. In this paper we analyse this approach resulting in a critical review regarding the intention of the booklet. We conclude that the evaluation of GMO's in agriculture primarily from a crop breeding perspective is lacking crucial positions in terms of ecology, socio-economy, agronomy, nutritional sciences and finally ethics in life science.

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Correspondence to Friedhelm Taube.

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  • Agriculture
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  • Biodiversity
  • Bt-maize
  • Codes of good agricultural practise
  • Coexistence
  • Ecosystem services
  • Environmental protection
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