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Table 2 Comparison of mixture risk assessment components in EFSA [13] and Chen et al. [8]

From: An efficient and pragmatic approach for regulatory aquatic mixture risk assessment of pesticides

Mixture risk assessment components EFSA [14] Chen et al. [8]
Screening stage No screening stage included in the decision scheme Tier 0 screening stage focussing on single a.s. analyses
Selection of suitable exposure scenario Required to conduct the entire risk assessment scheme for every exposure scenario separately Use of worst-case PECs from all exposure scenarios to create one worst-case exposure scenario
Identification of substances which drive the exposure or risk assessment Toxicity driver approach using the concept of TUs No toxicity or risk driver evaluated
Measured mixture toxicity data Not strictly required Required after screening stage
Default assumption for calculated mixture toxicity CA (use of IA possible under certain conditions) CA (use of IA possible under certain conditions)
Comparison of measured and calculated mixture toxicity MDR (not required if no measured data available) MDR (required after screening stage)
Risk assessment Based on ETR (use of RQ possible under certain conditions) Based on RQ