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Table 1 Geographical locations of the Nidda sampling sites

From: Fish health in the Nidda as an indicator for ecosystem integrity: a case study for Central European small streams in densely populated areas

Site Coordinates Fish zone Description
N1 50°27′11″N 9°02′20″E Lower trout zone (metarhithral) Reference site, downstream the Nidda river dam
N2 50°25′51″N 9°01′20″E Grayling zone (hyporithral) Downstream of industrial dischargers
N3 50°23′09″N 8°58′25″E Barbel zone (epipotamal) Downstream a class-IV WWTP (35,000 pe)
N6 50°16′42″N 8°47′09″E Barbel zone (epipotamal) Downstream a class-IV WWTP (30,000 pe), two class-III WWTPs (7000 pe), four renaturalised river sections and the afflux of the Horloff as well as the Usa/Wetter tributary
  1. Fish zones according to HLNUG [45]
  2. WWTP wastewater treatment plant; WWTP classes WWTP size measured in people equivalents (pe)