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Table 2 The Ten most cited articles that include the terms “Circular Economy” and “retail”

From: The Circular Economy and retail: using Deep Learning to predict business survival

Title and authors Year Source Citations
Consumers' perspective on Circular Economy strategy for reducing food waste
Borrello M, Caracciolo F, Lombardi A, Pascucci S, Cembalo L
2017 Sustainability 83
From the table to waste: an exploratory study on behavior towards food waste of Spanish and Italian youths
Mondéjar-Jiménez JA, Ferrari G, Secondi L, Principato L
2016 Journal of Cleaner Production 82
Food waste accounting along global and European food supply chains: state of the art and outlook
Corrado S, Sala S
2018 Waste management 70
Developing sustainable business experimentation capability—a case study
Weissbrod I, Bocken NM
2017 Journal of Cleaner Production 69
Tightening the loop on the Circular Economy: coupled distributed recycling and manufacturing with recyclebot and RepRap 3-D printing
Zhong S, Pearce JM
2018 Resources Conservation and Recycling 54
On the design of closed-loop networks for product life cycle management: economic, environmental and geography considerations
Accorsi R, Manzini R, Pini C, Penazzi S
2015 Journal of Transport Geography 37
Environmental sustainability of liquid food packaging: is there a gap between Danish consumers' perception and learnings from life cycle assessment?
Boesen S, Bey N, Niero M
2019 Journal of Cleaner Production 36
Aligning retail reverse logistics practice with Circular Economy values: an exploratory framework
Bernon M, Tjahjono B, Ripanti EF
2018 Production Planning and Control 36
Value creation from Circular Economy-led closed-loop supply chains: a case study of fast-moving consumer goods
Mishra JL, Hopkinson PG, Tidridge G
2018 Production Planning and Control 32
Barriers and challenges to plastics valorization in the context of a Circular Economy: Case studies from Italy
Paletta A, Leal Filho W, Balogun AL, Foschi E, Bonoli A
2019 Journal of Cleaner Production 26