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Table 3 The concentration (μg/m3) of odor compounds in the boundary compared with TLV and the limit value of China

From: Gaseous pollutants from a small-scale aerobic biological treatment facility: odor and health risk assessment

Compound TLVa Limit valueb Location
Upwind-A Downwind-A Upwind-B Downwind-B
Ammonia 18,973 1970  < 300  < 300  < 300  < 300
Hydrogen sulfide 15,178 37 ND 17.9 6.2 5.8
Methyl mercaptan 1071 3 ND ND ND ND
Carbon disulfide 3392 884 ND 23.8 ND ND
Dimethyl sulfide 27,678 25 ND 1.3 0.9 ND
Dimethyl disulfide 2098 15 ND ND ND ND
Styrene 92,857 1077 15.7 7.7 0.5 11.7
  1. aTLV, threshold limit value, the value was time weighted average concentration for a normal 8-h workday and reflected the level of exposure that the typical worker can experience without an unreasonable risk of disease or injury; the data come from “American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH)”
  2. bLimit value, Emission Standards For Odor Pollutants (China, GB 14554–93); ND, not detected; “A” in x axis represents sampling without waste unloading and sorting operation; “B” represents sampling during waste unloading and sorting operation