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Table 2 Summary of the applied bioanalytical methods

From: Removal of oxidative stress and genotoxic activities during drinking water production by ozonation and granular activated carbon filtration

Biological effect Cellular endpoint Cell line Reference compound/positive control LOD (fold change) Cut-off (fold change)
Adaptive stress response Oxidative stress response (Nrf2 activity) MCF7AREc32 tBHQ (0.78–50 µM) 1.31–1.40 1.5
Reactivity Genotoxicity (micronuclei formation) TK6 Mitomycin C (100 nM) *
Xenobiotic metabolism Aryl hydrocarbon receptor activation DR-EcoScreen TCDD (0.5–1000 pM) 1.12–1.50 1.5
Modulation of hormone systems Estrogen receptor agonism VM7Luc4E2 17β-estradiol (0.358–367.1 pM) 1.56–1.70 2.0
Androgen receptor agonism AR-EcoScreen GR KO M1 DHT (0.001–1000 nM) 1.20–1.50 1.5
Androgen receptor antagonism AR-EcoScreen GR KO M1 OHF (0.01–10,000 nM) 0.76–0.88 0.70
  1. *Genotoxicity was determined as statistical significance of micronuclei formations compared to that in the vehicle control (p < 0.05)