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Table 2 Definitions and terms: different types of a mixture (according to, i.e. [10] and current definitions under REACH

From: Options for an environmental risk assessment of intentional and unintentional chemical mixtures under REACH: the status and ways forward

Term Explanation
“Substance” Defined in REACH. Mono-component or multi-component substance (MCS), substance of unknown or variable composition or biological materials (UVCB)
“Article” Defined in REACH. Composition of different components on the basis of a specific function
“Mixture” Defined in REACH. Intentionally formulated mixture marketed as such. On a general level the term mixture may refer to both intentional and unintentional mixtures
Aggregated exposure/effects Effects or exposures of single substance via multiple pathways/life cycle steps entering the same environmental compartment
Combined or cumulative exposure/effects General level referring to effects or exposures of multiple substances via the same or multiple pathways/life cycle steps entering the same environmental compartment. In REACH, “combined risks” in the CSR currently refers to single substances in the sense of aggregated exposures, which is not meant here
Intentional mixture General level, referring to intentionally formulated mixture marketed as such (“mixture” under REACH)
Unintentional mixture General level, referring to all unintentional released mixtures and comprises co-incidental, discharge and/or environmental mixtures
Discharge mixture Mixture of substances from a production plant or sewage treatment plant, unintentional jointly released to surface waters. This term is not mentioned under REACH (e.g. [10])
Coincidental and/or environmental mixture Complex mixtures, entering environmental compartments from different sources and pathways unintentionally. It must be clear whether substances regulated under one or various legislations are considered. These terms are not mentioned under REACH (e.g. [10])