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Table 6 Examples of means used by 12 universities around the world in terms of developing climate-related actions

From: Handling climate change education at universities: an overview

University Case study title Approach used Impact References
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Research and Technology Transfer Sustainability and Climate Change Management Training on climate change
Editing book series on Climate change
Over 3.000 academic staff
Over 15 books
[17, 22]
University of British Columbia Climate Action Plan 2030—CAP 2030; and research Engagement of staff and students in the actions conducted in the Climate Action Plan 2030—CAP 2030, various post-graduate theses Staff and students [55, 66]
University of Toronto Climate Change Policy and Practice Life learning program course Students and participants in life-learning program [66]
University of Campinas Diversified actions Courses in undergraduate and graduate programs, research (various post-graduate theses, research center) Students, researchers [9, 63]
University of Colombo Diversified actions Courses, postgraduate program on 'Climate Change and Environmental Management', campus management (waste management and carbon footprint reduction), various undergraduate and post-graduate theses, conferences University community including students, public [64]
Nottingham Trent University Carbon Literacy Training' and online course 'Sustainability in Practice (SiP) Certificate' Training; co-curricular online module 250 students and 120 staff;
SiP offered to all 34,000 students online, 6233 completions to date
KTH Royal Institute of Technology Diversified actions Engagement of staff and training of academic staff (to integrate sustainability into education). Climate education integrated in all educational programs Staff and students
Divestment towards stakeholders with anti-climate change activities
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Fossil Fuel divestment days Divestment Administration and students [10, 37]
University of Latvia Diversified actions Courses, various post-graduate theses, conference (in progress) More than 500 students in one of the courses, researchers
Working on climate-change legislative
University Fernando Pessoa Diversified actions PhD program in Earth Sciences, research, various post-graduate theses, and conferences Students and researchers [59]
University of Fort Hare Research center 'Risk & Vulnerability Science Centre' Research, workshops, various post-graduate theses Researchers and rural and local communities [58]
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Research on SDGs (20 thesis focusing on climate change) Research, various post-graduate theses Researchers [27]