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Table 2 Sample characteristics

From: Handling climate change education at universities: an overview

Gender % Age (years old) %
Male 63.6 21 to 30 3.1
Female 36.4 31 to 40 20.2
Country classification % 41 to 50 27.1
Developed country 51.2 51 to 60 26.4
Developing country 48.8 more than 60 years old 23.3
Knowledge area % Role %
Social Sciences 31.8 Permanent member of staff mainly involved in postgraduate teaching and research 40.3
Environmental and Earth Sciences 28.7 Permanent member of staff mainly involved in undergraduate teaching and research 24.8
Agrarian Sciences 8.5 Temporary member of staff 17.1
Engineering 7.0 Permanent member of staff mainly involved in research 14.0
Business studies 4.7 Permanent member of staff mainly involved in teaching 3.9
Biological Sciences 2.3   
Humanities/Linguistics 0.8   
Physical Sciences 0.8   
Othera 15.5   
  1. aOther include: Agricultural Economics; Agroforestry and Forestry; Architecture and Urban Studies; Climate and Society; Climate Variability and Change; Coping/Adaptation Strategies, Modeling; Consulting; Education; Education for Sustainable Development; Energy science; Entrepreneurship Education; Environmental and Resource Economics; Environmental Economics; Environmental Health Science; Environmental Law; Environmental Sociology; Environmental studies (not science; studies in interdisciplinary); Student's Union; Sustainable Development and Business; Urban Planning