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Table 1 Overview on the number of APIs for which environmental fate and effect data were available from regulatory evaluations, and the datasets used for the different evaluations in this study

From: Environmental fate and effects assessment of human pharmaceuticals: lessons learnt from regulatory data

  Full dataset PEC action limit derivation (excluding EAS and antiparasitics) Sensitivity analysis (excluding APIs without definitive lowest NOEC)
Aquatic effect data on at least one taxon 309 278 269
aquatic effect data on all three taxa 209 192 183
Data from water–sediment simulation tests 196 - -
Koc data available 165 - -
Terrestrial effect data on at least one taxon 47 - -
Terrestrial effect data on all three taxa 33 - -
  1. The full dataset included all data available to the UBA. The other two datasets were subsets of the full dataset. For PEC action limit derivation, endocrine-active substances (EAS) and antiparasitics were excluded. For sensitivity analysis, only APIs for which data on all three taxa was available, and for which a definitive NOEC (no censored value) was available for the most sensitive taxon, were used. The three relevant aquatic taxa were algae, crustaceans and fish, the three relevant terrestrial taxa were plants, annelids and collembolans