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Table 3 Most cited articles

From: Challenges of the Blue Economy: evidence and research trends

Articles (ordered by number of citations) Authors Journal title Citations
BE and competing discourses in international oceans governance Silver et al. [118] Journal of Environment & Development 89
The importance of estimating the contribution of the oceans to national economies Kildow and McIlgorm [71] Marine Policy 66
BG: savior or ocean grabbing? Barbesgaard [8] Journal of Peasant Studies 62
The role of the marine sector in the Irish national economy: an input–output analysis Morrissey and O’Donoghue [86] Marine Policy 60
What is BG? the semantics of sustainable development of marine environments Eikeset et al. [37] Marine Policy 50
Assembling a BE moment? geographic engagement with globalizing biological–economic relations in multi-use marine environments Winder et al. [135] Dialogues in Human Geography 46
Quantifying the value of multi-sectoral marine commercial activity in Ireland Morrissey et al. [87] Marine Policy 42
The Spanish approach to marine spatial planning. marine strategy framework directive vs. EU integrated maritime policy De Vivero and Mateos [34] Marine Policy 42
A methodology for multi-criteria design of multi-use offshore platforms for marine renewable energy harvesting Zanuttigh et al. [138] Renewable Energy 41
Ecosystem-based marine management in European regional seas calls for nested governance structures and coordination-a policy brief Raakjaer et al. [103] Marine Policy 40