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Fig. 3

From: Enhanced soil aggregate stability limits colloidal phosphorus loss potentials in agricultural systems

Fig. 3

Soil colloidal phosphorus content (a) and loss potential (b) of three sized aggregates (2–8 mm, 0.26–2 mm, 0.053–0.26 mm) and (silt + clay) particles (< 0.053 mm) under different land-use types. OR orchard soils (n = 3), RICE rice fields including single- and double-cropping soils (n = 6), RDR rice and dryland rotation including rice–rape rotation and rice–wheat rotation soils (n = 3), VE vegetable soils (n = 3); capital letters indicated significant difference among different sizes of aggregate at P < 0.05 level. Lowercase indicated significant difference of the same size of aggregate among land-use types at P < 0.05 level

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