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Table 3 Comparison of the current method with previously reported methods

From: Rapid ecosynthesis of TiO2@CuO@Chromite nanocatalyst for environmentally friendly applications: solventless cyanation of aldehydes and high efficient treatment of sewage waters

EntryReaction conditionsTimeYield (%)bRefs.
1C6H5CH2OH, Cu(ClO4)2·6H2O, TMSN3, DDQ, DCE, 60 °C3 h80[48]
2C6H5I, HCONH2, CuI, PPh3, POCl3, 140 °C24 h77[49]
3C6H5Br, HCONH2, CuI, PPh3, POCl3, 140 °C24 h31[49]
4C6H5CH2OH, Cu(NO3)2, TEMPO, NH3 (aq.), O2 (1 atm.), 80 °C5 h92[50]
5C6H5CHO, Cu(NO3)2, NH3 (aq.), O2 (1 atm.), 80 °C5 h85[50]
6C6H5I, Cu(I)-HAP, KF, DMF, 120 °C15 h84[51]
7C6H5CHO, TiCl4, NH2OH·HCl, pyridine, 40 °C2–3 h85[52]
8C6H5CHO, SnCl2·2H2O, NH2OH·HCl, NaHCO3, MeCN, 80 °C, open air24 h80[53]
9PhCH=NOH, SnCl2·2H2O, MeCN, 80 °C, open air5 h80[53]
10PhCH=NOH, GaCl3, MeCN, 80 °C, argon5 h90[53]
11C6H5I, [Rh(cod)Cl]2, formamide, Xantphos, POCl3, 135–140 °C, N224 h71[54]
12C6H5Br, [Rh(cod)Cl]2, formamide, Xantphos, POCl3, 135–140 °C, N224 h40[54]
13C6H5Br, K4Fe(CN)6, ZnO–Pd NPs, DMF, 130 °C13 h81[55]
14C6H5I, CuCN, l-proline, DMF, 80 °C24 h90[56]
15C6H5Br, CuCN, l-proline, DMF, 120 °C45 h76[56]
16C6H5CHO, NH2OH·HCl, MeSO2Cl, graphite, 100 °C90 min90[57]
17C6H5CHO, TiO2@CuO@Chromite NCs, K4Fe(CN)6, solventless, RT25 min96Current study