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Table 1 Total N and P of rice-field drainage in retention ditch and adjacent stream water samples and the accumulated rainfall amount during the 6–48 h before the water samples were taken (n = 977)

From: Window phase analysis of nutrient losses from a typical rice-planting area in the Yangtze river delta region of China

 Total N (mg L−1)Total P (mg L−1)
DitchStreamΔD − SaDitchStreamΔD − Sa
Median1.702.21− 0.510.220.170.03
Minimum0.310.48−− 0.86
25% percentile1.141.56− 0.420.150.12− 0.01
75% percentile2.773.07− 0.300.280.220.08
  1. aTotal N and P in retention ditch water minus that in the adjacent stream