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Table 2 Accidental releases for source term scenarios ST1 and ST4 according to the accident scenarios

From: The radiological assessment, hazard evaluation, and spatial distribution for a hypothetical nuclear power plant accident at Baiji potential site

RadionuclideHalf-lifeST1 release (GBq)ST4 release (GBq)
Kr-8510.7 years3E+075E+07
Kr-85 m4.48 h6E+081E+09
Kr-8776.3 min1E+092E+09
Kr-882.48 h2E+093E+09
Rb-8618.63 days0E+002E+05
Mo-9966.02 h0E+002E+07
Te-1279.35 h2E+065E+0
Te-127 m109 days3E+058E+06
Te-12969.6 min8E+062E+08
Te-129 m33.6  days1E+063E+07
Te-131 m30 h4E+069E+07
Te-13278.2 h4E+078E+08
Sb-1273.89 days2E+065E+07
Sb-1294.31 h8E+062E+08
I-1318.04 days1E+076E+08
I-1322.30 h2E+079E+08
I-13320.8 h3E+07E+09
I-13452.6 min3E+071E+09
I-1356.61 h2E+071E+09
Xe-1335.25 days4E+098E+09
Xe-1359.09 h1E+092E+09
Cs-1342.06 years0E+002E+07
Cs-13613.2 days0E+004E+06
Cs-13730 years0E+001E+07