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Table 7 Ranges of channelled dust emissions to air

From: Developing EU environmental standards for the food, drink and milk industries: key environmental issues and data collection

FDM subsector Emission source Average dust concentration over the sampling period (mg/Nm3)
Animal feed Drying of green fodder 116.2–184.2
Compound feed manufacturing 0.01–59.7
Brewing Handling and processing of malt and adjuncts 0.02–138.1
Dairies Drying processes 0.1–198.0
Grain milling Grain cleaning and milling 0.1–84.0
Oilseed processing and vegetable oil refining Handling and preparation of seeds, drying and cooling of meal 0.01–48.1
Starch production Drying of starch, protein and fibre 0.16–78.72
Sugar manufacturing Drying of beet pulp 1.1–1955.9a
  1. aConcentration normalised at 16% O2