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Table 2 PEC/PNEC-ratios for surface water and the use of Imidacloprid spot-on and collar products in three relevant worst-case scenarios

From: Development of an aquatic exposure assessment model for Imidacloprid in sewage treatment plant discharges arising from use of veterinary medicinal products

Scenario PECwater (µg/L) PNECwater (µg/L) PEC/PNEC-ratios
1. Washing of pet bedding 8.40E−04 4.80E−03a 0.17
8.30E−03b 0.10
0.2c 4.20E−03
2. Washing/bathing of dogs 4.81E−03 4.80E−03a 1.00
8.30E−03b 0.58
0.2c 0.02
3. Walking dogs in the rain 2.20E−03 4.80E−03a 0.46
8.30E−03b 0.26
0.2c 0.01
  1. a[44]
  2. b[45]
  3. c[46]