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Table 3 Three most frequent H&PCP co-use combinations in each usage

From: Patterns of household and personal care product use by the Korean population: implications for aggregate human exposure and health risk

Usage Group Co-use combinations Users (%)
Laundry Family size under 2 G01, G02, G03 64.9
G01, G02 24.8
G01 5.0
Family size over 3 G01, G02, G03 73.7
G01, G02 19.4
G01, G03 3.3
Cleaning Single G04, G10, G11, G14 52.2
G10, G11, G14 18.1
G11, G14 8.6
Married G04, G10, G11, G14 70.5
G10, G11, G14 11.4
G11, G14 7.2
Shower Age < 50 G05, G06, G07 77.4
G05, G07 18.5
G05 2.1
Age ≥ 50 G05, G06, G07 73.0
G05, G07 17.1
G05, G06 5.5
  1. G01: laundry detergent, G02: fabric softener, G03: bleaching agent, G04: washer and laundry room cleaner, G05: shampoo, G06: rinse, G07: body cleanser, G08: mouthwash, G09: toothpaste, G10: bathroom and toilet cleaner, G11: disinfectant, G12: air freshener/deodorizer, G13: hand sanitizer, G14: dishwashing detergent, G15: all-purpose cleaner, G16: glass and metal cleaner