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Table 3 Reference sequences used in the present study

From: Multi-spatial contamination of environmental aquatic matrices with Cryptosporidium: a climate, health, and regulatory framework for the Philippines

Reference sequences Source/Country GenBank accession no.
Human pathogens representative
 C. parvum isolate NEV3 ssrRNA gene partial sequence Diarrheic calf feces/Turkey JN245618.1
 C. hominis isolate PCR product ssrRNA gene partial sequence Freshwater sponge/Philippines MK989995.1
 C. viatorum isolate Swec025 ssrRNA gene partial sequence Humans/Kenya JX978271.1
 C. meleagridis isolate 456 18S rRNA gene partial sequence Human feces/a AF248757
Mammalian representative
 C. andersoni isolate TN 18S ribosomal RNA gene partial sequence Calf/India JN400881.1
Avian representative
 C. galli isolate Azu01 18S rRNA gene partial sequence Cyanocompsa brissonii (ultramarine grosbeak), feces/Brazil GU734647.1
Reptilian representative
 C. serpentis 18S rRNA gene partial sequence Pantherophis guttatus (corn snake), feces/Brazil KF240618.1
 Eimeria truttae isolate C1 small subunit rRNA gene partial sequence Salmo trutta (Brown trout), pyloric caeca and intestinal content/Spain MK425194.1
  1. aNot declared