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Table 6 Average fluxes, or in some cases the range of fluxes, for various ecosystems measured by a number of investigators

From: Mercury in the terrestrial environment: a review

Species/ecosystem Fluxa
nmol m−2 month−1
Ground-level forest floor Sweden 1.4–1.7 Hanson et al. [82]
Lindberg et al. [68]
Model estimates hard wood forest Max 4 Bash et al. [196]
Model estimates forest soil 4 Bash et al. [196]
Agricultural crops Max 11 Bash et al. [196]
Temperate forest 5.0 Rea et al. [197]
Deforested site 50 Magarelli and Fostier [198]
Desert soils 3.6–9.8 Magarelli and Fostier [198]
High Hg regions Max 1500 Gustin and Lindberg [199]
Maple 20 Hanson et al. [82]
Oak 16.4 Hanson et al. [82]
Spruce 6.1 Hanson et al. [82]
Prairie grass 12.5 Obrist et al. [53]
Typha sp. 60 Gustin et al. [200]
Average global soil 1.5 Selin et al. [201]
  1. aValues have all been converted to a common flux unit of nmol m−2 month−1. Results from the older literature are combined in estimates given in various review papers